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Primary 5

On Thursday 1 February 2018 P5 took part in a Library Workshop at Piershill Library.  In our drive to build a strong reading culture they participated in finding different genres of books in small groups in the adult and children’s section then swapped to put them away.  It is great that so many children are members and brought their library cards to take books out.  Over the weekend a pupil joined with other pupils in the class saying they were keen to join too and use this wonderful service.  Not only did we learn about “the Dewey” filing system we now know where everything is.

Pictures – Library


At the beginning of 2018 the class reflected on their learning inside and outside the school and wrote their own resolutions for the New Year.  This connected to their writing as part of the Health and Wellbeing Resilience Programme based on reading “Oh the Places We will Go”.  Students considered their future lives and the people, places and things they hoped to experience as well as illustrating a part of the book in terms of what it meant to them.

Pictures – Oh the Places We will Go Wall


Primary 5 have been exploring the Scots Language with the lead up to Robert Burns day as well as finding out more about him within their Literacy, Reading and homework experiences.  They will perform a Burns Supper in their Assembly on Tuesday 27 February 2018 presenting poems, songs and a few other ditties.  The class are designing their own t-shirts to wear, applying their knowledge of shape, patter and symmetry design which they have been learning in  Mathematics, which all ties into their studies in terms of “reflection and connectedness”.

P5 also took part in the Generation Science workshop called Good Vibrations. The children explored sound, what it is, how it is produced and how to make different sounds through a range of engaging activities. This workshop provided key learning experiences to cover sound and vibration.

Photo of Generation Science