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Eco Committee

Welcome to Craigentinny Primary Eco Committee Page


Craigentinny Primary proudly displays it’s Green Eco Flag


This year the Eco Committee members are:

Murrin, Isla, Harry, Robyn, Jim, Jivanshu, Hannah, Miss Kinnaird and our group of parents who support us with all the Eco work within the school and the school grounds.


Within the committee we work together as a whole committee on projects, in small teams e.g, the energy and litter teams, the website and display teams, the JRSOS and we also work in individual roles.


Pupil Voice and Committee Meetings

As with all of our pupil committees at Craigentinny, the Eco Committee encourages pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to voice their views, opinions and ideas. The committee values the views and opinions of the whole school community and encourages pupil voice.


The committee holds regular meetings, assemblies, sends out questionairres and carries out surveys. We feedback to everyone about the work we are carrying out. The committee meetings are lead by the pupils themselves and draw on the views of the whole school community.


Eco and the Curriculum

This year each of the classes in the school will have different Eco Topic to focus on.

Nursery: Transport

P1                           Litter

P2                           School Grounds

P3                           Food and the Environment

P4                           Energy

P5                           Water

P5/6                       Waste Minimisation

P6                           Waste Minimisation

P7                           Sustaining our World

LC1                         Food and the Environment

LC2                         Biodiversity


Our Focuses

Last session our Eco Focusses were Litter, Health and Wellbeing and Transport. We are currently carrying out and analysing our Audit to determine what our focusses will be moving forward.


Eco Code

We have an Eco Code at Craigentinny, which this year is in the form of a song. It is to the tune of ‘Whole World in His Hands’.


We need to save our planet, be a team

We need to save our planet, be a team

We need to save our planet, be a team

We’re making Craigie an Eco School


We pick up litter in our school

Because dropping litter is not cool

We don’t overflow toilets, that’s the rule

We’re making Craigie an Eco School


We’re going to find out more about our world

Are people like us? – that’s what we’ve heard

We recycle our rubbish, that’s what we do

We’re making Craigie an Eco School


We’re going to save clean water, turn off taps

We’re going to try to eat only healthy snacks

We’re going to walk or cycle or scoot to school,

We’re making Craigie an Eco School